Here is a selection of art, needleworks, canvasses and other works I have had the pleasure to frame for my customers. The privilege is all mine!


Canvas Stretching can be simply stretched over a strainer/stretcher bar or framed like some of these examples. I have framed many more with floater frames, samples of which are  framed on works in-store. Please click on the images to open in another window.


I have been stretching needleworks for as long as I can remember, including stretching for other framers after hours! I put the utmost care into each piece, from the initial design, the stretch and of course the final completed work. Tapestries, X-stitches, embroideries are all fair game to my experienced stretching fingers.     Needle-ess to say, click the images!


A decidedly random selection of works I have deemed worthy of recording for future generations with my trusty iPhone or Samsung, whichever I was using at the time. Please excuse the quality of the pics, they are simply illustrating a small selection of the works I have framed. As with the other galleries, please click on the images to view a larger image.


Sporting memorabilia is an integral part of any framer's repertoire. AFL dominates but cricket, soccer and motorsport are popular items too. Click the images for a small selection of works I have completed. Personally motorsport is my "thing", and a highlight was framing a signed racing glove by the late Ayrton Senna.