Admit it PiFsters, you have way too many pictures on your hard drive. Probably quite a few stored on an external drive or burnt onto CD's (remember those) or on DVD's. But that's OK. Blame digital DSLRS, mirrorless cameras, phones, drones, GoPros etc......

they aren't really doing much good here are they?

they aren't really doing much good here are they?

PiF wants to help. It's easy. Choose one of your favorite images, upload it to PiF via email, and we will print it for you, small or bigger than that, even. You can also drop in with a USB or CD/DVD.

PiF offers standard photo papers (cheap but good) up to gallerie photo rag paper (not so cheap) and canvas.

Our printing output is lab quality, far superior to the photo booths at department stores and those multinational electrical/furniture chains with those really annoying ads. Doing your printing with us adds convenience with an image quality guarantee. As an added incentive, PiF offers generous print/frame combo discounts. Bargain!


Of course, PiF can print TO ANY SIZE with our Epson 9900 44" wide-format printer, so please call or come in for a quick quote.

Photo/Print Reproduction and Restoration


Before...and  after some PiF magic

Before...and  after some PiF magic


Heirloom photos can regain their initial glory thanks to digital manipulation. Stains, scratches, tears of even missing pieces, discoloration and faded colors are the most common issues with old photos: all of these can be addressed so that your photos are restored and look as good as new.

The photo has to be in a digital form i.e. scanned or photographed which PiF can do.

The pricing for the old photo restoration depends on the extent of the damage and whether there are missing parts from the photo
(torn parts, holes, big scratches etc.)

The service can be combined with other enhancements such as the colorization of a black and white photo.

Send your old photos today to get a quote for their restoration.